Bath time can be a soothing ritual that enhances bonding instead of a battle

Dr. Williams Sears, M.D.  Read more

My baby just loves her TummyTub. She can't get enough of it

Wanda, Canberrra  Read more

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TummyTub original

Created in Holland, TummyTub has been endorsed by maternity hospitals, midwives and child care professionals all over the world. Babies are able to relieve the security of the womb by adopting the familiar and reassuring foetal position. They feel more comfortable and  enjoy bath time, just like their parents. 

TummyTub remains to be the ultimate standard in baby bathing, as confirmed by Sharon Totter, the UK's leading midwife and best-selling author. The Testers especially complimented the feeling of safety, the ease of use, and the relaxing effect on the baby. TIPS rewarded the TummyTub as most superior baby bath: "Best of the "Best".

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